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Compatibility Map

Are you an energy developer? Use this energy project wizard to identify areas susceptible to moderate and severe potential impacts, and points of contact for your energy project.

Start here by viewing map overlays showing areas of potential development compatabilities. Three project scenarios are available: ground level development, structures below 200 feet high, and structures taller than 200 feet.
Learn about the map data

Define Project Location

Navigate and zoom the map to your area of interest, or find an area by searching for an address or place name. Then, draw your project location with the drawing tools below. You can draw a line (for example a transmission line), a single points, or a polygon.

1. Search for address or place (optional)

2. Draw your project

Create your project location by drawing a point, line or polygon. Click a button, and then click on the map to draw your project site.


Compatibility Report

Please create a project location by clicking the Location tab and drawing your project location or area.

Next Steps

Do you need more support? The JLUS partner agencies and Implementation Committe (IC) are here to help.

  • Contact the JLUS committee here.
  • See other JLUS energy projects here.
  • Submit your energy project to the JLUS project system here

Land Use and Energy Planning Tool

This web mapping application is a product of the Southern New Mexico – El Paso, Joint Land Use Study (SNMEP JLUS) project.

This website was prepared under contract with Dona Ana County, New Mexico, with financial support from the Office of Economic Adjustment, Department of Defense. The content reflects the views of the JLUS Implementation Committee in Doña Ana County and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Economic Adjustment.

Open Help for JLUS

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